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Photos of the Live Butterfly Experience





baleen on a whale bonene





the egg



Polynesian Gallery


Kiribati and Tuvalu

Photos of Kiribati

The Polynesian gallery displays items from islands encompassed by Hawaii, Easter Island and Tonga, plus Micronesia. Among the many highlights are an Easter Island moai statue, the only known piece of pre-European stone carving from Pitcairn Island and a red and yellow feather cape formerly owned by Liliuokalani, the last reigning monarch of Hawaii.


Easter Island

Photos of Easter Island

The Melanesian gallery displays artifacts made and used by people from the islands of this area of the Pacific, from New Guinea to Fiji. Highlights include a superb group of carved figures from the Santa Cruz Islands, 3300 year old Lapita artifacts from the Kamgot site in the Anir Island group, malangan carvings from New Ireland, Asmat art, tree fern sculptures from Vanuatu, and fantastic masks from the Torres Strait Islands.


Samoan dwelling

Photos of Samoa


Kava ceremony



Kava bowl





New Guinea

Photos of New Guinea


Tami Island Mask


cloth from bark

Photos of Tapa




Photos of the Asmat


double canoe




Cook Islands

Maori cultural artifacts


model of a Maori settlement

Explore the Tangata Whenua Gallery, with its impressive displays of Maori cultural artifacts. The design of this gallery centers around the protocol of a marae, with local pieces to the left and northern provenance material displayed on the right.




Maori canoe





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