Middle East


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Middle East

Arab Emirates Bahrain Iran Israel Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Oman Palestine Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria the Yemen



The Middle East largely consists of Muslim countries:

bullet    Azerbaijan


bulletbahrain0.jpg (64792 bytes)   Bahrain


bullet egypt3.jpg (1821 bytes)  Egypt


bullet iran4.jpg (54555 bytes)    Iran


bullet jordan.jpg (69533 bytes)  Jordan


bullet kuwait.jpg (45022 bytes)   Kuwait


bullet oman.jpg (52220 bytes)    Oman


bullet palestine.jpg (61919 bytes)   Palestine


bullet qatar.jpg (44695 bytes)   Qatar


bullet   Saudi Arabia


bullet syria.jpg (65031 bytes)  Syria


bulletyemen7.jpg (49466 bytes) The Yemen


bulletUnited Arab Emirates


bullet ajman.jpg (50743 bytes)   Ajman


bullet abudhabi.jpg (47110 bytes)   Abu Dhabi


bullet dubai.jpg (56437 bytes)   Dubai


bullet fujairah.jpg (60581 bytes)   Fujairah


bullet khaimah.jpg (68139 bytes)   Ras Al-Khaimah


bullet sharjah.jpg (53495 bytes)   Sharjah


bullet qaiwain.jpg (50464 bytes)   Umm Al-Qaiwain

   Some of the exceptions are the Christian countries of:


bullet     Armenia


bullet      Georgia 


    the Jewish state of:

bullet israel.jpg (40869 bytes)    Israel


     and a country with 17 different religious communities


bullet     Lebanon    

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