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A large portion of the interior of the hill fort has been excavated, and this has produced detailed information about the layout of the site and the lifestyle of its inhabitants so much so that a number of roundhouses and a granary have been recreated on the exact location of the original Iron Age structures.


the granary

The granary and one of the old roundhouses are the oldest reconstructed prehistoric buildings in Britain. The first roundhouse (Roundhouse One) was excavated in 1981 and is located to the south-east of the site. Reconstructed the following year. it has a diameter of 10 m (33ft) and is unique in that it has an inner ring of timber posts.



the hill fort

Roundhouse Two is a smaller building (6m (20ft), in diameter). while Roundhouse Three is roughly the same size as Roundhouse One but. unlike its counterpart. it did not have an inner ring of wooden posts.


bank and moat around the hill fort


reconstructed roundhouse

Photos of the Interior

As well as the roundhouses. the site contained deposits such as carbonized hone. charcoal. grain, several iron objects. pieces of pottery. glass heads and a few spindle whorls.  Although the site is Iron Age, only a small number of iron objects have been found there. such as a small hunting spearhead and a sickle blade. This indicates what a highly valued commodity it was, and that was never needlessly discarded but was probably carefully recycled instead


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Roundhouses Interiors

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