Aggie Grey's Apia Savai'i



the coast line


tree with native boats

Savai‘i, island of Samoa (formerly Western Samoa), in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The largest and westernmost of the nation's islands, it has an area of 1,700 sq km (660 sq mi). Savai‘i is a mountainous island of volcanic origin, with coasts surrounded by coral reefs.


lava flow


blowholes along the coast

The peaks of the island's interior rise to a maximum elevation of 1,857 m (6,094 ft) and have been inactive since the early 20th century. Agricultural products include coconuts, bananas, cacao, and coffee. Population (1991) 45,050.


tour of the island


tourists pay before entering the village


the village




approaching a house


the interior


grandmother and baby


children bringing bananas


the church
(99 % Christians)


bus at the ferry terminal

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Aggie Grey's Apia Savai'i

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