Khunjerab Pass

Besham Qila Gilgit Hunza Valley Karimabad Khunjerab Pass Lahore Peshawar

Khunjerab Pass

border between Pakistan and China

The help of Manzoor Alam with the captions is appreciated.



at the border


sign commemorating opening of road in 1982


the mountains

Passu  valley a part of Hunza

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Altit Fort



traditional seat of local ruler
(which today we would call a "War Lord")


the entrance to the fort




fortified tower


interior detail


hallway where the chief's family lived


village life as seen from the fort

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Nagar Valley


threshing from farming
 in the Nagar valley


a man holding a mineral stone (Quartz) in Nagar next to the mountains
 Nagar is well known for Quartz

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Silk Road


along the silk road
(for centuries used by camel caravans)
Hoper valley in Nagar with Hoper glacier in background


today traveled by Jeep

More Photos of Hunza and Nagar Valley

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Besham Qila Gilgit Hunza Valley Karimabad Khunjerab Pass Lahore Peshawar

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