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Photos from 1996


Gilgit Hotel


man from Gilgit


dispensing gasoline


making a phone call


water from the well

Gilgit, town in the Pakistani-held sector of Jammu and Kashmir state in the northwestern Indian subcontinent. Sited on the Gilgit River, the town was once a Buddhist centre, and now, as in earlier days, it serves as a frontier station for local tribal areas. Its economy is mainly agricultural, with wheat, corn (maize), and barley as the main crops. The surrounding region lies in the northern Himalayas and is bordered on the south by the Indus River. It is drained by the Gilgit and Hunza rivers. The main route from Gilgit through the Himalayas to Mānsehra is the Karakoram Highway (completed in 1978). Gilgit is the only town of any size in the region.

Text from Encyclopedia Britannica

a woman


a man


 men of Gilet


man crossing a bridge


how many men can get on a pickup truck?


decorated and loaded for travel


an ancient tomb


"Churchill" fort
(explored by a young Winston Churchill when he was recuperating
 from a gunshot wound received while on sentry duty)


door from an old residence being offered for sale in a bazaar


decoration for a festival


costume worn on the head


a man from Gilgit

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Besham Qila Gilgit Hunza Valley Karimabad Khunjerab Pass Lahore Peshawar

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