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Market in Bahrain


expensive jewelry shops


for what the women wear under their black outer robes

Traditional Bahraini culture reflects its Islamic, mercantile, and Arab Bedouin roots. Graceful dhows, Arab boats used for fishing and pearling, exhibit a high degree of craftsmanship, as do traditional jewelry and the elegant residences of rulers and merchants. Traditional performing arts include ceremonial dances accompanied by drums, readings of the Qur'an (Koran, or Islamic scripture), and storytelling. Bahraini poets carry on established traditions while also exploring new themes. Celebrations of birth and marriage continue to be important ceremonial occasions. The National Museum, which opened in 1988 in Manama, features exhibits of crafts, historical documents, and archaeological artifacts.

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the flee market


where many items exchange hands


sign in the street


Patriotic or Political?


the center station on the King Fahd causeway linking
Bahrain to Saudi Arabia

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Buildings Camels Market Mosques Museum

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