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keeper of the camels

Traditional dress predominates in rural areas. For men, traditional dress includes a loose cotton garment called a thobe, which can be covered with a woolen robe called a bisht in cool weather. Women traditionally wear a concealing cloak called an abayya. In Manama many restaurants serve Western-style food, but at home most Bahrainis eat traditional foods, including lamb, fish (especially hamour, a kind of grouper), rice, and dates. Coffee, a favorite beverage, plays an important social and ceremonial role.

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single camel hobbled




single camel, all four legs chained


a good face


kneeling to eat


young camel


getting lunch


having found the right place


a bird on each camel
(to pick it clean of insect pests)


"Mr. Camel, I am assigned to you!"


a male goat





 Hotel reservations in Bahrain

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Buildings Camels Market Mosques Museum

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