Golden Lane

St. George's Basilica Old Royal Palace Golden Lane

Golden Lane
(Zlata ulicka)

Golden Lane

The contrast between the picturesque little homes lining Golden Lane and the monumental Prague Castle highlights one of the fundamental characteristics of the castle as well as the entire city.



After 1484, when the Castle's new Gothic internal fortifications were being built, wooden dwellings for the castle's lower servants and guards were soon constructed in twelve lit arcades between the Daliborka and White Towers.

As part of the reconstruction work done to the castle under Rudolf II 24 arches were placed over them, and the archers' walkway became situated here. In 1597 the emperor gave his sharpshooters permission to build their homes here. They stayed on this lane even after 1784, when Josef II discontinued the institution of archers.


In 1864 catastrophic hygienic standards forced the demolition of one side of the street; the side on the outer fortification remained untouched. After World War II the homes were nationalized, repaired by Pavel Janak and Jiri Trnka and used for museum exhibitions. The colors selected by Czech painter, illustrator and animated film director Jiri Trnka have lost none of their vibrancy.







on the hill overlooking Prague


entry to the Prague Castle






Lobkowicz Palace


Lobkowicz family

Today Lobkowicz Palace serves as the National Museum. Its permanent exhibition, Monuments of a Nation's Past, presents the complete pictorial histories of Bohemia and Moravia from the 4th century BC to the mid-19th century.

St. George's Basilica Old Royal Palace Golden Lane

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