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the Castle Castle Museum the Town


bridge over Lake Galvé to island castle
(built by Vytautas about 1400)


Island Castle
(Photo from 1995)



square towerer



the castle in 2007

More Photos of the Castle

Castle Museum


eels for sale


a Baroque building

More Photos of the town of Trakai


Vytautas didysis


a favorite spot for Wedding Photos

the Castle Castle Museum the Town

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14th-century castle

Kaunas (Russian Kovno), city in central Lithuania, a port at the confluence of the Neman (Nemunas) and Neris (Viliya) rivers. In the city, which is an industrial and commercial center, textiles, processed food, metal goods, and machinery are produced. Kaunas is the site of an agricultural school, a polytechnic institute, and several museums.


15th century German merchant house

Among its many points of historical interest are the ruins of a 14th-century castle, the Lithuanian-Gothic Vytautas Church (15th century), and a 17th-century monastery.


old town hall
(Wedding chapel during Soviet days)

Probably founded by AD1000, Kaunas was fortified (13th to 14th centuries) against the Teutonic Knights by the Lithuanians. It passed to Poland in the late 16th century and was acquired by Russia as a result of the third partition (1795) of Poland.


an abbey

From 1920 to 1940 the city served as the capital of independent Lithuania. During World War II (1939-1945) Kaunas was annexed (1940) by the USSR, but subsequently was occupied (1941-1944) by the Germans, who exterminated much of its population. Kaunas belonged to the Lithuanian SSR from 1944 to 1991, when it became part of a newly independent Lithuania. Population (1999 estimate) 414,199.

Text from Microsoft Encarta


the Cathedral


statue of Maironia
(priest and poet)


statue of Liberty


Mykolas Archangelas
a catholic church

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Countryside Hill of Crosses Trakai Vilnius Zarija

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