Granite Mining

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Granite Mining


open granite pit near Barre, Vermont

Central Vermont was built upon the granite industry, the offspring of pure Yankee tenacity and immigrant fortitude. Rock of Ages, founded by two native Vermonters and one Scotsman, epitomizes the rich cultural heritage of Barre, Vermont. Rock of Ages represents a living industry, not a museum or showcase, but a working, breathing entity that gives rise to some of the finest artistry in stone that our guests have ever seen.


vertical drilling to loosen granite block


a quarried granite block

George B. Milne, one of the three founders of Rock of Ages, opened his first granite manufacturing business in 1885. During the last decade of the nineteenth century, he had several short-lived partnerships. In 1905, he joined forces with quarry owners James Boutwell and Harvey Varnum, forming Boutwell, Milne & Varnum Company.


removing block from the deep deposit

The company operated quarries in Graniteville, selling Medium Barre and specializing in Dark Barre. Before 1930, Boutwell, Milne & Varnum did no manufacturing of its own. However, BM&V knew that memorial manufacturers would buy Barre granite from them and not from their many competitors as long as they educated the public about the granite and its superior grade. BM&V also made alliances with manufacturers to provide guarantees. Each monument made of Barre granite from the BM&V quarries was guaranteed against checking, cracking and discoloration.

Text from Rock of Ages


stairways are the emergency escape route from the deep pit



blocks of granite


a granite roll such as used in the paper making industry


typical granite grave markers


Rock of Ages company


with reserves for a long future

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