Fort Knox

Acadia Belfast Cutler Eastport Elderhostel Fort Knox Roosevelt l Park

Fort Knox

on the

Penobscot River


a view from Bucksport, Maine across the Penobscot river

Penobscot, river, Maine, its West Branch rising near the border with Canada. It flows east and southeast, receives the East Branch, and flows southwest into Penobscot Bay, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. The river proper, 160 km (100 mi) long, is navigable for large vessels upstream to Bangor. The chief trade on the river is in pulpwood and petroleum products.


fortification built after the British invasion of 1812


high over the Penobscot river
(Penobscot river bridge in background)


to protect Bucksport and the Penobscot river region
("B" battery with a 15 inch Rodman gun)


the former barracks


the parade ground


looking over "A" battery


view through the entry port toward Bucksport, Maine


Lupine blooming in June

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Acadia Belfast Cutler Eastport Elderhostel Fort Knox Roosevelt l Park

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