Ganga Seva Nidhi

Cremation Ganga Seva Nidhi River Bathing Sarnath Varanasi 2006

Ganga Seva Nidhi



the ceremony on the banks of the Ganges, Varanasi, India





Varanasi 2006 from Galen Frysinger on Vimeo.

Short Video Clips of the Ceremony





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Silk Weaving


hand loom with punched card design information in the weaving of silk




the product


for sale




cycle-rickshaw ride to the Ghat for the ceremony


street shops


street Hindu shrine




home made machine to extract juice from sugar cane


Muslim men riding in a cycle-rickshaw in front of their women


busy street



at the Ghat










sleeping in saffron robes


flower petals for worship


making sticks for cleaning of the teeth


candle and blossoms in a plate


for floating on the water


lighted and placed in the water of the Ganges river


points of light as they float into the distance

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Cremation Ganga Seva Nidhi River Bathing Sarnath Varanasi 2006

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