Tatar Khanate


Bakhchysaray, Crimea


entrance to Khansky Palats
(The Tatar ruler's palace built in the 16th century)


minaret of the main mosque (1740)


entrance to the mosque


the grave yard


the palace
(costumes on the benches are available if you want your photo
in Tatar dress)


inside the main hall


wall design detail


detail of the ceiling




marble wall detail



fountain in the summerhouse


screen for privacy while dressing


second story wooden balcony used to allow ventilation, but privacy for the women
(now in the museum)


a fountain in the courtyard


Fountain of Tears (1764)
glorified by the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin in his poem
The Bakhchysaray Fountain (1820)


closer view of the Fountain of Tears


the Golden Fountain (1733)


the Harem


the tower


room interior

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