Lions in Kenya

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Photos of African Lions
Masai-Mara Game Reserve, Kenya


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King of the Beasts



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mother with babies


the babies


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black main lion checking for weakened Wildebeest



from a diorama in the Milwaukee Public Museum

More Photos from the Milwaukee Public Museum

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Lionesses hunt in teams to bring down large animals like in this picture. They approach their prey stealthily, fanning out to cut off escape routes, until they are within about 30 m (100 ft). At this point the hunters charge. A successful charge—about one in four—ends when one lioness bites the downed animal on the throat or muzzle, suffocating it. Males rarely participate in the hunt, but their size enables them to muscle into the feeding circle.

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"The Traveler" flew over the Masai Mara on July 24, 1987

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