Culinary Institute

Annapolis Baltimore Culinary Institute Naval Academy Saint Michaels

Elderhostel Program

 at the Baltimore International Culinary College


This Elderhostel program at the Culinary College was on the
 Culinary Treasures of Italy.


Chef John Chalmers was the coordinator and the lecturer on the history and delights of Italian cooking. He gave us the rules and methods of having fun with good cooking.


lectured us on good preparation


Chef Frank Ostendorf showed techniques in the demonstration kitchen.



In the afternoon, the thirty Elderhostelers, in pairs, created 15 different dishes for the evening meal. Cookies, a pasta dish, and Zuccini Fritatta are being prepared for this meal.


Chef Faith Kling was our preparation time Chef, and is doing the plating and presentation.


I helped prepare a Grouper Saor dish, shown here before and after Chef Faith's garnish.


I also helped prepare this Crostata di Ricotta dessert.


All the items were placed on the Buffet table, admired,


and then heartily consumed by the Elderhostelers.

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Annapolis Baltimore Culinary Institute Naval Academy Saint Michaels

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