Animals Bagamoya David Livingstone Katavi Park Ujiji



former German East Africa 1887 - 1891


by Dhow from Zanzibar


arriving in Bagamoyo


formerly the chief port,
the starting point for caravans West to Lake Tanganyika


German Custom's house


gathering fish on the beach


ruins of German store house


government administrative building


Catholic mission "Freedom Village" 1868
as a shelter for ransomed slaves


German document freeing a slave


old catholic church

They then carried the body, along with Livingstone’s papers and instruments, to Bagamoyo on the Indian Ocean coast and the island of Zanzibar, a trip that lasted nine months.


niche where Livingstone's body lay in state


plaque on the church


a fake
"Through this door Dr. David Livingstone Passed"

Since Livingstone never visited during his lifetime,
in death he could only "have been passed", not passed.

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Animals Bagamoya David Livingstone Katavi Park Ujiji

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