Houses where Galen lived

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Houses where Galen lived


oldfarm11.jpg (146783 bytes)

the farm which my father bought to be renovated for our home


oldfarm06.jpg (114703 bytes)

Union Deposit road
(telephone cable on left, no electricity yet)


oldfarm05.jpg (139067 bytes)


oldfarm01.jpg (124729 bytes)

old barns


oldfarm02.jpg (125168 bytes)

other out buildings which were later removed


oldfarm04.jpg (145972 bytes)

the original house


oldfarm07.jpg (143889 bytes)


oldfarm08.jpg (173721 bytes)


oldfarm09.jpg (153555 bytes)

the summer house on the right


oldfarm10.jpg (128602 bytes)

the future chicken yard

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farm10.jpg (105552 bytes)

my home at age 3


hir21.jpg (133891 bytes)

later years


farm05.jpg (94218 bytes)

after the metal corn crib was constructed


farm06.jpg (99828 bytes)

in front of the house


farm1940.jpg (108553 bytes)


farm07.jpg (110178 bytes)

back of the house with my sandbox


farm11.jpg (125713 bytes)

Ariel view of the five acres

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pump.gif (1234 bytes)

we raised chickens


farm01.jpg (60338 bytes)


farm02.jpg (74243 bytes)

chickens in big pen showing roosts and nests


farm03.jpg (81737 bytes)

chickens in brooder house


farm04.jpg (96991 bytes)

Harry's airplane and chicken shelter


farm09.jpg (116631 bytes)

chicken range


farm08.jpg (47495 bytes)

baby chickens


hir12.jpg (175771 bytes)

in later days


farm1974.jpg (95302 bytes)

in 1974


farm1974a.jpg (109663 bytes)

in back of summer house


farm1974b.jpg (91427 bytes)

back lot showing apartment houses
built on former Grandfather's farm


house99_b.jpg (128355 bytes)

as it looks in 1999


house99.jpg (154325 bytes)

the back door


yellowhouse.gif (6659 bytes)

Houses where Galen lived as an adult

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