Folk Art Scenes Intl Folk Art Kites Quilts Kitchens Mate



This exhibition tells the tale of the earliest cultural mestizaje (mixing) to take place in the Americas through food. The exhibition highlights foods that originated in the New World and foods that were brought over from Europe via Spain and Asia via the Spanish Manila Galleons. Several special sections in the exhibition highlight specific food items More than 300 objects related to food harvesting, preparation, table settings, kitchen items and utilitarian and decorative implements are highlighted in 3 kitchens to illustrate the rich culinary traditions of the Americas.









story of Chile


agricultural priest

Folk Art Scenes





religious gathering



chickens, but not for the dinner table


chat around the table


at the bull fight


a funeral



the market hall


produce market





Folk Art Scenes Intl Folk Art Kites Quilts Kitchens Mate

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