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Carcross Frantic Follies S.S. Klondike




the territory


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Yukon Territory, administrative region of northwestern Canada. Its capital and largest city is Whitehorse. To the outsider the Yukon Territory remains inextricably associated with the rush for gold in the Klondike region at the end of the 19th century. The territory still depends largely on mining.


fireweed and mountains


fireweed and a lake

Its mountainous terrain and severe climate have discouraged settlement and the development of other important economic activities. Furthermore, most of the minerals are produced by mining operations that require a high degree of technology but relatively few workers.


Welcome to Beaver Creek


(The Burl King)


Scully's bone yard
(Burl from the Black Spruce)


A Black Spruce tree


World's largest Gold Pan



chapels made from Quonset material
(left over from ALCAN highway construction)



Kluane Lake


antler tree


mountain dweller's monument at Haines Junction, Yukon



old style wood bridge


high rise log cabin in Whitehorse


Frantic Follies in Whitehorse

More Photos of the Frantic Follies

The Yukon presents a major challenge to modern technology because of the existence of permanently frozen earth, known as permafrost, which lies just below the ground surface. Permafrost blankets the Arctic zones and extends into many southern parts of the Yukon. Any warmth, whether from household heating or spells of mild weather, is likely to melt the top layers of the permafrost. As a result, roadbeds and building foundations have to be insulated from the permafrost to prevent them from sinking.


S. S. Klondike in Whitehorse

More Photos of the S. S. Klondike

The Yukon lies north of the 60th parallel of north latitude and partly within the Arctic Circle. Its area is 483,450 sq km (186,661 sq mi), including 4,480 sq km (1,730 sq mi) of inland water. The area of the Yukon Territory accounts for slightly less than 5 percent of Canada's total area.

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largest weather vane
(plane turning with the wind at Whitehorse airport)



fish ladder on the Yukon river South of Whitehorsese


old hotel in Carcross

More Photos of Carcross

Carcross Frantic Follies S.S. Klondike

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