Carcross Frantic Follies S.S. Klondike


Yukon, Canada


small sandy desert area East of Carcross


Lake Bennet


foot bridge across Natasaheen River

In 1899 the community was officially named Caribou Crossing, referring to the spot where the local woodland Caribou herd crossed the narrows.  It was changed to Carcross in 1906.


WP&YR rail way

J. H. Brownlee surveyed the town site in 1899 for the White Pass & Yukon Route, which was completed in 1900.  The town was established by the WP&YR to maintain the railroad and connect passengers and freight to points around the lake by sternwheeler.


WP&YR station built in 1910


The Duchess
(used for many years in local transport)


Caribou Hotel
(dating from 1910 is the oldest hotel in the Yukon)


The General Store


abandoned shop


abundant wood used to heat the cabins through the long winters


old cabin


St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
(brought from Conrad in 1940


St. Saviour's Anglican Church
(constructed in 1904 South of the narrows, and brought across the river by scow about 1914.)


the modern school
(note the Loon motif)


squatter cabins South of the narrows
(incorporated into the community in 1983)


Bowie Lake South of Carcross

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Carcross Frantic Follies S.S. Klondike

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