Ascent Cog RR



the engine for this ascent


ready to push the passenger car


will load at position A


passengers starting to load


starting off


the track ahead


double track for passing


approaching the water tank


taking on more water


going higher




Jacob's Ladder



steepest incline on the track


entering the clouds
smoke from the engine rolling forward under the cloud level


monument to a person who lost their life on the mountain


at the top in the mist

The Decent


ready to descend from the mist


hikers wanting a ride down


in the car looking toward the engine


the brake wheel




foot iron to tell if the car has separated from the engine
hence a need to reduce the car braking


approaching half way down



passing another train


which is ascending




lubricating while taking on water


checking the engine


passing a car of tourists


ready for another run

Ascent Cog RR

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