Boy Scout years

Boy Scout years OA Lodge badges

Boy Scouts


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my ranks as a boy

After becoming 12 I rode my bike 5 miles to Colonial Park and became a Boy Scout. I took my scout advancement very seriously and passed all tests up to the swimming test. Since I never had the chance to go swimming, once a summer for a picnic by the creek being the only time I got wet except for the tub and the sprinkler, the swimming test was a roadblock. Finally with some lessons, at the island in the middle of the Susquehanna at Harrisburg, my scoutmaster "passed" me. Since I didn't really know how to swim, the big nightmare of summer Boy Scout camp was the initial swimmer test where I looked very ungraceful and ended up confined to the non-swimmer crib. Even though I had 23 merit badges and advanced through Life Scout, the full Eagle skills of swimming and life saving I did not master until in graduate school.


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merit badges (two of the most challenging)


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went to Hidden Valley Boy Scout camp in Pennsylvania

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When I returned from my Fellowships in Germany and started at the University of North Carolina I became the Scoutmaster at Troop 9, sponsored by the Episcopal church.


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took the troop camping


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was assistant scoutmaster at the 1960 National Jamboree


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earned the 50th Anniversary Award for the troop.

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while working in Cambridge, Mass. I was involved with training of Scout Leaders


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Scouter's Award 1962


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Award 1963


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Arrowhead Honor 1963


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Scouter's Key 1969


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Wood Badge Honor


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from Program at Schiff Scout Reservation
(National training site in New Jersey)

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Order of the Arrow


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member cards


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lodge pocket patches


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was Cubmaster
in New Jersey and later in Connecticut

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Boy Scout years OA Lodge badges

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