Upper Basin

Canyon Old Faithful Upper Basin Yellowstone 2004

Upper Geyser Basin

from my visit in June 2004


across the bridge into the Upper Geyser Basin


looking back at the Yellowstone Lodge



Infant Geyser


Teakettle Geyser



Beach Spring


Sponge Geyser



Ear Spring



Bison footprints along the trail




Sawmill Geyser





Wave Spring


Oblong Geyser


Inkwell Spring


Giant Geyser's cone


Giant Geyser's cone


Bijou Geyser (on the left) and Catfish Geyser (lower down, on the right)


Grotto Geyser


Grotto Geyser


Rocket Geyser (on the left) and Grotto Geyser (on the right).


Castle Geyser in eruption

Canyon Old Faithful Upper Basin Yellowstone 2004

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