Roman Siracusa

Greek Siracusa Roman Siracusa Santa Lucia

Roman Siracusa



4. Tomb of Archimedes



building on the rock ledge is known as Archimedes's tomb

5. Church of San Nicolo ai Cordari


St. Nicholas of the Rope Makers
11th century

6. Roman Amphitheater


walk to the Amphitheater


third largest Amphitheater in Italy


used for gladiator fights and horse races


Roman amphitheater


2nd century AD






burial vaults


from Roman times

7.  Ara di Ierone II


Altar of Hieron II


sacrificial altar where 450 oxen could be killed at one time

Temple of Apollo


6th century BC Doric Structure




Doric pillars of the temple of Apollo



Photos of other Greek remains

Greek Siracusa Roman Siracusa Santa Lucia

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