Indian Museum

Buffalo Bill Indian Museum

Indian Museum


Cody, Wyoming






cradle board for carrying child on the move (Cheyenne)


design on buffalo skin


quiver to hold arrows




sweat lodge make from buffalo skins


storage bag


side carrying cradle board (Crow)


 Buffalo Horn Bonnet



cradle board and storage bags on the travois


cradle board (Crow)




cradle board (Arapaho)


Cradle Board in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City


Red Cloud's shirt 1870's (Lakota)


village  massacre scene on buffalo skin




child's costume


stockman and native Americans meet


killing the buffalo at the cliff


buffalo goring the man who was trying to stalk him


U. S. Postal stamps issued to commemorate the opening of the
Smithsonian's new Native American Museum in Washington, D.C.
September 2004

Photos of the American Indian Museum in New York City

Buffalo Bill Indian Museum

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