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 Scientific Career

of Galen R. Frysinger

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bulletMy College Experience

My Juniata College years

bulletGraduate Study at Yale University
bulletPost Doctoral Fellowship in Germany
bulletUniversity of North Carolina

Story of my Graduate Student Years

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My Employers


Arthur D Little, Cambridge, Mass.


U. S. Army Research Centers


ESB Inc, Philadelphia, Penna.


Pfizer Research Center, Groton, Conn.


University of Delaware, Energy Research, Newark, Delaware


Kohler Company, Kohler, Wisconsin

Story of my Work Years  

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My Love of Computers


Analog Computer at U. S. Army Laboratory, Ft. Belvoir, VA

Automated Engine Testing (1965)



Battery Test Computer at U. S Army Electronics Laboratory, Ft. Monmouth, N.J.

Testing of new designs of dry battery cells (1968)


Real time gathering of laboratory experimental data, to aid in the development of improved energy storage devices, at the ESB, Inc. research laboratories, Yardley, Pennsylvania..


Real time Energy Analysis with Hewlett-Packard Desktop (BASIC program), University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware


Computer Aided design of Bathtubs for the Kohler Company, where three dimensional designs were created, analyzed for structural integrity, approved for consumer appearance, and reduced to tool paths to create the trial part, and the steel mold for industrial production, all without a requirement for blueprint drawings.


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My Personal Computers



Apple II - 1980


IBM PC - 1983 - DOS


Hewlett-Packard 100MZ - 1995 - Windows 95


Compaq 233MZ - 1997 


DELL 500MZ - 1998 - Windows 98


DELL 1800MZ -2001 - Windows XP


DELL 3800MZ -2007 - Windows Vista


DELL Inspiron - Windows 7


DELL Inspiron - Windows 10


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My Web Pages


 "People and Places of the World"


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My Domain names


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Published Scientific Papers

Fuel Cell-Battery Thesis (PhD) of Galen

1. Galen R. Frysinger and H. C. Thomas "A Method for the Determination of the Cation Exchange Capacity of Clay Minerals and Soils," Clays and Clay Materials, 1955.

2. Galen R. Frysinger and H. C. Thomas "Ion Exchange," Annual Review of Physical Chemistry, 1956.

3. Galen R. Frysinger and H. C. Thomas "Adsorption Studies on Clay Materials. Yttrium-Cesium and Cerium (III) - Cesium on Montmorillonite," J. Physical Chemistry 64, 224 (1960). text in full

4. Galen R. Frysinger "Cation Exchange Behavior of Vermiculite Biotite Mixtures," Clays and Clay Minerals, 1960.

5. Galen R. Frysinger and H. C. Thomas "The Ion-Exchange Behavior of Vermiculite- Biotite Mixtures," Soil Science 91, 400 (1961).

6. Galen R. Frysinger "Cesium-Sodium Ion Exchange on Clinoptilolite," Nature 194, 351 (1962).

7. Galen R. Frysinger and H. C. Thomas "Thermodynamics of Interfacial Regions," John Wiley & Sons (1962).

8. Galen R. Frysinger and R. A. Horne "The Effect of Pressure on the Electrical Conductivity of Sea Water," J. Geophysical Research 68, 1967 (1963).

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13. Galen R. Frysinger, R. A. Horne and B. R. Myers "The Effect of Pressure on the Dissociation of Iron (III) Monochloride Complex Ion in Aqueous Solutions," Inorganic Chemistry 3, 452 (1964).

14. Galen R. Frysinger "A Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell System J. K. Truitt Using Air and Liquid Hydrocarbons," C. G. Peattie 18th Power Sources Conference, 14 (1964).

15. G. R. Frysinger, F. A Shields, and E. J. Dowgiallo "Leaded Gasoline Burner for a Flame Fired 150 Watt TE Generator," 18th Power Sources Conference, 135Th~~4).

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31. Galen R. Frysinger "High Surface Area Electrode Structures for Fast Recharge of High Energy Batteries," C.I.T.C.E. (Tokyo) (1966).

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63. Galen R. Frysinger "The Use of Thermal Energy Storage in Utility Load Management," Trans. IEEE, 1980.

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Fuel Cell-Battery Thesis (PhD) of Galen

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