Galen is a Member of the

Progressive Democratic Party


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Bernie Sanders

"Health Care is a Right for those living in America"

"Ever child deserves opportunity for a Free Public College education"

"No working person deserves to live in Poverty ($15/hr minimum wage)"


Bernie at a Rally in Sheboygan, Wisconsin


A winner in Wisconsin
leads in Oregon and close in Kentucky


Bernie Sanders a Winner



Terry Van Akkeren

Mayor of Sheboygan



2008  and  2012


Barack Obama for President
Joe Biden for Vice President

The Winners on November 4, 2008

The  2010 defeats

Reelected in 2012




Senator Kerry campaigning in Sheboygan
Wisconsin Governor Doyle standing on his right



Jef Hall, our local candidate for Congress
chatting with a voter (left)





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Got the majority of the peoples vote in 2000
(denied the Presidency by 5 conservatives of the US Supreme court)



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Our Hope in Wisconsin for 1998 was

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My State Senator
(lost in 2002 by a 00.35 % margin, in an expanded district)


Memories of the Joseph McCarthy Era

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