Election (November 2010) McCarthyism

McCarthy - A Documented Record

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The McCarthy story as told in

The Progressive magazine

in April 1954

during the McCarthy Era

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The Progressive

‘Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free’


McCarthy: A Documented Record

Freedom’s Most Effective Weapon  (pages 3-5)


The Judge on Trial (pages 6-8)

Wisconsin Supreme Court Accuses McCarthy of Violating State’s Constitution and Laws


Off To War  (pages 9-11)

Some Notes on the Conflicting Stories of McCarthy’s Service and His Decorations


Six Riddles  (pages 12-21)

The Strange Story of McCarthy’s Complex Financial Transactions and Tax Troubles


The Numbers Game  (pages 22-29)

The Original Charges of Communism and How the Facts Exploded Them


Guarding America’s Security  (pages 30-32)

An Elaborate System Protects the Government from Spies and Subversives


McCarthy Takes Over  (pages 33-50)

As Chairman of the Investigating Committee McCarthy Produced Many A Headline That Did Not Stand up


McCarthyism in Action  (pages 51-58)

Case Studies of the Major Ingredients of the ‘Ism,’ Including Smearing the Innocent, and The Big Lie


Striking at the Freedom of the Press  (pages 59-62)

"The Whole Thing Reeks with Totalitarianism," Said the Voice of the U.S. Press


Win At Any Cost  (pages 63-75)

The Man Who Ran With Communist Support and Later with the Support of the Far Right


Sowing Seeds of Disunity  (pages 76-90)

Facts on the Extent to Which McCarthy Has Helped Strengthen the Communist Cause


‘The Big Truth’  (pages 91-92)

Our Great Hope Is a Fighting Faith in Freedom, Not the Fear Generated by McCarthy





Joseph R. McCarthy's Grave in St. Mary's Cemetery, Appleton, Wisconsin

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