Albatross Grytviken Whaling King Penguins Magellanic Penguins Royal Bay

Grytviken and Stomness


whaling factories at Grytviken


 and Stromness

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Grytviken means "Pot Bay"
used in the 19th century as a place for boiling down Elephant seals for oil


the plan where whales were carved up for boil down

in 1904 converted for whale oil extraction



abandoned whaling ship
whaling was discontinued in 1965


harpoon gun on the bow





half sunken whaling ship


whale oil storage tanks


ruins of refrigeration plant

What the Whalers left behind

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first used as a whaling factory, later just a repair yard


bronze ship's propellers


when an Argentine ship came to salvage some of the valuable metal,
the alarm was sounded which may have lead to the Malvinas War


ship's rudder


early engine


tally board


Manager's home

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Albatross Grytviken Whaling King Penguins Magellanic Penguins Royal Bay

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