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While apartments in London are almost prohibitively expensive to purchase or rent for the majority of potential homeowners, this is mainly due to the fact that London's notoriously high house prices help make it the 2nd most expensive place in the world to live. With the UK's ever-rising house prices (a 9.25% rise from last year's national average cost), costs for hotel accommodation are also costly compared with other countries, especially in the UK's south. Up north the house prices are more stable, but are still increasingly rising - the average cost of Newcastle apartments currently sits at around 140,000, compared with London apartments at 300,000 - more than double.

Official data shows that house price inflation has reached a plateau, but the current prices are still unreasonable in the extreme. Hotels will continue to keep in trend with the housing market, increasing rates according to demand, but there is an alternative for those looking for short to medium-term luxury city living - serviced apartments.

Available throughout the UK in all major cities, serviced apartments provide an alternative to expensive hotel accommodation, giving you more space and more facilities for your money. Bristol apartments bring you great value and services, perfect for a business traveller in a city that has many annual business conventions. Likewise, apartments in Reading provide you with opulent comfort as well as excellent travel links to London and other parts of the country. For those venturing in a more northernly direction, a Manchester apartment in the heart of the city grants you great access to the city, often at nearly 25% less than the average hotel prices.


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Geographic Society Greenwich London 2002 Victoria and Albert Winter 1990 Apartments

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