Hershey Project Schaffners Fannie Schaffner



older farmer


 Becky Schaffner, left of dog,  Miles Shope, on right


feeding the chickens


From Fanny B. Wise to Fannie Schaffner Etter



riding in the new car


another car


Samuel Schaffner, 1898-1984


Wendel Fackler, 1821-1909, my great-great grandfather.
 Father of Fanny Fackler, 1855-1919, who married Hiram Schaffner in 1872.


next generation

Hiram Schaffner. 1894-1918, and his wife Abigail.


Sunday visit


From Fanny B. to Fannie Schaffner

living in Lingletown, Pennsylvania



Naomi Groff who married Earl Kuntz.
 She was a daughter of Louisa Schaffner, 1881-1907, who married Christian Groff.
Louisa died of typhoid shortly after Naomi was born.



the women



Will Schaffner. 1889-1960, and wife Mary visiting Aunt Sallie in Florida.


honored child


favorite chicken


 Sallie Schaffner, 1873-1972


Will Schaffner. 1889-1960


Ruth Kuntz, daughter of Earl and Naomi Kuntz


uncle martin

Martin Schaffner, 1865-1941, youngest son of Emanuel and Sarah (Seltzer) Schaffner.
After his motherís death in 1869 and his fatherís imprisonment in 1872,
 Martin was raised by his oldest brother Hiram, my great grandfather.
Martin spent his later years in the Brethren Home at Neffsville.


a singing group


a fine carriage


Uncle Will, Aunt Mary and Billy.


post card from Bessie Allwine to Fannie Schaffner

living in Penbrook, Pennsylvania



feeding the chickens

Hershey Project Schaffners Fannie Schaffner

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