Fannie Schaffner

Hershey Project Schaffners Fannie Schaffner

Fannie Schaffner







notes to Fannie Schaffner



from her teacher Nevin W Moyer

More about Nevin Moyer



for regular attendance


Oak Dale School


Schaffners in attendance





for spelling



Easter Post Card



Valentine Card from brother William



postcard from brother Bill





Now Mrs. Harry Etter


Annual Meeting of the German Baptist Brethern
(now named "Church of the Brethern")


Miles and Becky Swope, wedding picture

Her Sister Becky


her mother, Fannie Fackler Schaffner


Mother Fannie Schaffner, Clara, Hiram and George Frysinger

The Family tree

Hershey Project Schaffners Fannie Schaffner

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