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on Hollywood Boulevard: from Gower Street to La Brea Avenue,
and on Vine Street: from Yucca Street to Sunset Boulevard

there are many


to commemorate those important in the

Entertainment Industry

Recording Screen

"You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Blvd... "

Well, most days you are unlikely to see any real movie stars here on the Boulevard, but if you look down at your feet, you'll see the kind "stars" Ray Davies sang about: the bronze star-plaques, embedded in pink & charcoal terrazzo squares on the world's most famous sidewalk: the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Capitol records
(building in the shape of a stack of records)

These renowned sidewalk "stars" salute the celebrities who made Hollywood great - from the silent film stars of yesteryear to the modern action heroes of today's blockbusters. As the song says, you'll see the names of:

"...Some that you recognize,
some that you hardly even heard of;
People who worked and suffered and struggled for fame,
Some who succeeded, and some who suffered in vain..." *


El Capitan theater

These sidewalk "stars" honor not only movie actors, but radio, TV, & stage performers, directors, singers, songwriters, and other well-known show-biz personalities.

"Stars" of recording Artists


Whiskey a Go Go

Right below the name of each celebrity on the five-pointed stars is a small, round emblem which illustrates the celebrity's category, with one of five symbols: a motion picture camera (for movie stars & directors), a television set (for those in the television industry), a phonograph record (for singers, songwriters, and recording artists), a radio microphone (for radio luminaries), and the twin theatrical masks of comedy & tragedy (for live stage performers).


the House of Blues on Hollywood Boulevard

The celebrity with the most "stars" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is singing-cowboy Gene Autry, who earned five different "stars," one in each of the above categories. His five stars are located at 6644, 6520, 6384, 6667, and 7000 Hollywood Boulevard,

A few of the Recording Artists

Some from Motion Pictures


famous Mel's Drive-In

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Footprints Homes Sidewalk Stars

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