Bratthalid Elderhostel Glaciers Icebergs Igaliku Narsaq Qaqortog


a town in



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greenland59.jpg (124195 bytes)

a harbor town
(open all year, but always with icebergs)


greenland 40.jpg (156662 bytes)

the Lutheran pastor, influential in the town's development


greenland57.jpg (103057 bytes)

church in old town


greenland44.jpg (121723 bytes)

the cross


greenland45.jpg (122292 bytes)

the interior


greenland58.jpg (124536 bytes)

the small chapel building to hold coffin till burial


greenland38.jpg (124893 bytes)

old community hall


greenland37.jpg (117964 bytes)

new school complex
(boarding many from outlying villages)


greenland42.jpg (101376 bytes)

seal hunting for meat and skins


greenland41.jpg (101599 bytes)

younger generation


greenland36.jpg (114870 bytes)

stone art


greenland66.jpg (147883 bytes)

(reverse side)


greenland43.jpg (174564 bytes)

by famous local artist


greenland46.jpg (123517 bytes)

shortage of residential housing spaces
forces some to top of the rock


greenland39.jpg (107756 bytes)

carved sentinel

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Bratthalid Elderhostel Glaciers Icebergs Igaliku Narsaq Qaqortog

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