Mayflower II

Colony Times Mayflower II Plimouth Plantation Wampanoags

Mayflower II



Mayflower II



the sail rigging




part of the ship's log


Ship's Interior


they tell us of the story of the Pilgrims who spent many days below deck


above deck was just for the crew


who slept in better bunks


or even better for the ship's Captain who guided the way across the Atlantic


and dined with his crew


crew quarter


while food was prepared below


the diet described


which consisted often of dried beans


with the hold shared by the Pilgrims and the supplies


and the storage of line for


the rigging.


we have to preserve the food carefully


to last the whole voyage to the New Land


tourists in the "Lobster Tales" come to view the Mayflower


reminding us of the date: 1620

Colony Times Mayflower II Plimouth Plantation Wampanoags

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