Martha Washington Inn

Barter Theatre Martha Washington Inn

Martha Washington Inn

Abingdon, Virginia



Martha Washington Inn



can arrive by coach




the porch of the Inn


tour given by Pete Sheffley


the front desk


lobby hall


lobby stand




looking up


view of West Point on the wallpaper


view of Boston Harbor on the wallpaper


the right hand parlor


the obligatory portrait of General Robert E. Lee


side board with a secret drawer


left hand room


Martha Washington

Washington, Martha, born Martha Dandridge (1732-1802), wife of George Washington, born in New Kent County, Virginia. The daughter of a prosperous planter, she was married at the age of 17 to one of the wealthiest planters in Virginia, Daniel Parke Custis, by whom she had four children; two of these, however, died in infancy. After Custis's death, she met George Washington whom she married on January 6, 1759. They had no children, but raised the younger two of four children left by her son, who had died. During the American Revolution, she often shared the rigors of camp life with her husband and stayed with him during the long, hard winter at Valley Forge. Later, when she was First Lady, she entertained lavishly, first in New York City, then in Philadelphia, and became known as a gracious hostess.
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one of the Martha Washington Inn's bed rooms






with its signed bed cover




Pete showing the Governor's Suite


entrance to the dining room


a portion of the dining room


the side door

Barter Theatre Martha Washington Inn

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