Frysinger Reunion

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Frysinger Reunion

Annual meeting of Frysingers living in Eastern Pennsylvania

Who are these Frysingers

Family Tree going back to
Ludwig Freisinger, died 1792


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George Frysinger 1885-1949
 Clara Frysinger 1888-1975
and their son Harry Frysinger


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Hiram James Frysinger 1908-1997
son of George Frysinger
as school teacher

Lower Paxton Township


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The Frysinger's

(left - right)
Harry Frysinger, son of George Frysinger
Roy Frysinger, son of Hiram Frysinger
Galen Frysinger, son of Hiram Frysinger
Anne Frysinger Shifflet, daughter of Hiram Frysinger
Carl Frysinger, son of Hiram Frysinger
Muriel Frysinger Saylor, sister of Hiram Frysinger


Glenn Frysinger, Tom Frysinger and their father, Galen Frysinger


Sons of Glenn Frysinger

(left to right)
Erik Frysinger
Matthew Frysinger
Jack Frysinger

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Annual Meetings

In the 1930's and 1940's were held in York County, Pennsylvania

in the 1960's at Manheim, Pennsylvania ( Howard Frysinger attending)

in the 1990's near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Hiram James Frysinger attending)

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Last Meetings

December 4, 2004

November 12, 2005

November 11, 2006

November 10,  2007

November 8,  2008

November 14, 2009

November 13, 2010

Camp Swatara, near Myerstown, Pennsylvania

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November 10,  2007


Tom Frysinger and the Gift exchange                                  Todd and Kevin Frysinger



Roy and Doris Frysinger and grandson Quinn                           Ken and Anne Frysinger Shifflet



Dom and Susan Frysinger Del Corso                                 Carl and Cindi Frysinger

at Camp Swatara, near Myerstown, Pennsylvania

Galen Frysinger's family gathering (December 2008)

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The Final Meeting of the Frysingers

Thanksgiving 2015


Frysinger Homestead


Dr. Galen Royer Frysinger

Elma Breidenstine Frysinger

in front of the print from Iran (1969)


Susan Frysinger Blasch

Dr. Galen Royer Frysinger

Thomas James Frysinger


Dr. Galen Royer Frysinger

Dr. Glenn Stephen Frysinger

Matt Frysinger

Jack Frysinger

Erik Frysinger


Roy Frysinger

Todd Frysinger

Quinn Frysinger

Kevin Frysinger

Carl Frysinger

Dr. Galen Royer Frysinger

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