Cedar Point

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Cedar Point

A "Quiet" town of Chase County, Kansas

A "Quiet" town is defined as one which has lost a large portion of its former population due to changes in economic conditions,
 or been subjected to natural disasters.  It becomes "Quiet" when the schools are closed.

They are often called "Ghost towns", which in Kansas, is not correct since people still do live there,
 unlike many ghost mining towns of the West which have been totally abandoned.


boating on Main Street during one of the periodic floods


the Cottonwood River which causes the flooding


First and Main

on the North Side

the Mill


mill on the Cottonwood River


side view of the mill


street side of the mill


one of the mill stones

on the South side

The Post Office and along Main Street



Cedar Point Post Office


services the people still remaining in town


along Main Street


former businesses on Main Street


former rail depot


the fire department
contains vehicles but no personnel
(serviced on call from volunteers from across the county)

on the East side

Carpenter's Garage



Gerald Carpenter who spent all his life in Cedar Point


Gerald Carpenter and his sister, Yvonne (Carpenter) Allen (center right)
telling visitors the story of the town and the flooding

Around the former town


current City Hall




and classroom of the former school
(closed in the 1970's due to low student enrollment)


tin and stone store fronts


current resident






needs restoration


with a direct TV dish


or traditional TV antenna


with a vehicle used on the gravel dirt roads


Seven-Up Ranch ?

Bazaar Cassoday Cedar Point Clements Dunlap Elmdale Matfield Green Saffordville

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