Civil War Farm Swan House



Tullie Smith House

The Tullie Smith House is a small plantation or farm house, built circa 1840 by Robert Smith. It is typical of the usual kind of plantation houses owned by small farmers. The house was located in Dekalb County, Georgia on 800 acres. The last Smith to occupy the property was Tullie, the great-great granddaughter of Robert. By the 1960's the house was surrounded by highways and development, and was donated to the Atlanta Historical Society. The house was moved in 1969 to its present site in Atlanta on the grounds of Swan House. The house has been restored and operates as a living history museum

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water well


Smoke House


hams being smoked


back of Tullie Smith House


melting wax for candle making


farm building



the cabin




Slavery in Georgia



not to be forgotten

The Playhouse


the Playhouse





cat's escape door



Civil War Farm Swan House

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