Bowie Countryside Territory

Territory Period

buildings restored by the Historic Arkansas Museum


the Grog House
(often referred to as the Territorial Capitol)

Arkansas Territory was a historic, organized territory of the United States from July 4, 1819 to June 15, 1836, when it was admitted as Arkansas, the 25th U.S. state.


Grog House meeting room


the bar

Arkansas Territory was separated from Missouri Territory and included most of what is now Oklahoma, excepting the Oklahoma Panhandle. It was reduced twice before settling, in 1828, into the present boundaries of Arkansas.


map of the Arkansas Territory


notes left by the visitors


Kansas alligator


work table

Arkansas Post was the first territorial capital (1819-1821), Little Rock was the second (1821-1836).



the dining table


bed room in the Inn


travel trunk



There were five Governors of the Arkansas Territory from 1819 to 1836; the Governors were James Miller from 1819 to 1824, George Izard from 1824 to 1828, John Pope from 1829 to 1835 and William S. Fulton from 1835 to 1836.


the kitchen


showing the oven


game serving tray


the well









kitchen building


Herb Garden



McVicar House





bed room


the travel trunk




serving table




McVicar House


table in the kitchen


where the maid slept


in the kitchen building

Bowie Countryside Territory

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