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the first enclosed torch in the museum
(replaced with the present torch without metal pane linings)


a World Heritage Site



full size mask of Liberty's face


a gift from the People of the Republic of France


Laboulaye, proposer of the monument


Bartholdi, the sculpture


the fort on the island in New York harbor before the monument was erected


model of the foot of the statue of Liberty


showing detail of the toe nails


mold for the ear casting


Gustave Eiffel, of Effel Tower in Paris fame


designing the interior support system


model showing the internal steel support system


tasks that had to be done in the recent renovation of the statue


looking upward inside the statue of Liberty
(circular stairway reaches to the crown - now closed to tourists)


inside the stature, showing how the large copper plates are supported


was used in product advertising in France


fund raising for the private construction venture in France


appeared in American stain glass windows


used to sell World War I bonds


some of the many postcards sent by visitors

Memorials on the Statue of Liberty grounds to the
important people in its history


Laboulaye, the proposer


Bartholdi, the sculptor


Eiffel, the steel framework designer


Pulitzer, the Publisher, who championed the project


Lazarus, the poet, who wrote "Mother of Exiles"

Museum Visit 2006 Visit 2010

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