Village Businesses

Lincoln's Store Villagers Village Businesses

Village Businesses



school children visiting the New Salem schoolhouse


its out building


a two holer
complete with corn cobs for clean up

New Salem (Rutledge) Tavern



the tavern


sleeping quarters


hot coals being placed on the Dutch oven to bake a cake


the cake is a bakin


much of the food is raised in village gardens



William Clary store
archaeological dig in the foreground


what they are looking for



Hill-McNeil store


store interior

Doctor's Office



Dr. Francis Regnier Office

New Salem Carding Mill and Wool House




carding machine


driven by oxen walking on the circular tread mill


the cog turning vertical motion into horizontal turning



New Salem Saw- and Gristmill


down the hill to the mill on the stream



the mill


water powered




grist mill


horizontal water drive wheel

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Lincoln's Store Villagers Village Businesses

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