Cooking Fashion Show


at the

Elderhostel Program


Doha Lmachichi demonstrates Moroccan Cooking

explains the ingredients for
Couscous with Onions and Raisins


tells how to prepare the Couscous


adding the sauce of Onions and Raisins


tells about a good total Moroccan meal


often starts with soup


and be sure to sprinkle hands with Rose Water


Doha Lmachichi's mother preparing the meal at her home

Photos of her home


adding the meat


and then the sauce


Chicken Couscous with Onions and Raisin sauce


an Apples and Olives dish

Chicken and Almonds Pastille


we were also given the recipe for this dish


served at a CCCL dinner


eating with Farah Cherif of CCCL

Cooking Fashion Show

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