Elderhostel Modern Wing Silk Road

Art Institute of Chicago

an Elderhostel program on


August 25, 2005


arriving at Union Station by Amtrak


the exhibition


at the  Art Institute of Chicago


Greeted by the head of Senior Age programs in the former
Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room


learned of Aristide Bruant on the audio guide tour
of the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition


and May Milton


and of his sketches of the Circus Fernando






click on the thumbnails to see a larger photo of some of his art


learned the way he signed his name on his Lithographs


Ms. Barbara Robertson as Jane Avril


described the life with Toulouse-Lautrec


and who appeared in this paintings of the night clubs


like the Moulin Rouge


saw a video on Toulouse-Lautrec


told of the Japanese influence on the contemporary French painting


by Robin Schnur


and visited the Shop


for mementos of the visit before going home

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Elderhostel Modern Wing Silk Road

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