Carl Milles Cathedral Harbor Old Town Vasa Ship Museum



the facade


the pulpit (1700)
by Sculptor Burchardt Precht


stairway to the pulpit
under the pulpit is the tombstone of Olaus Petri, the Swedish Reformer


The altar of ebony and silver was donated to the cathedral in the 1650s
by Councilor Johan Adler Salvius and his wife.


The Royal Pews are used only by members of the Royal Family
 when attending services at the Cathedral.
The pews were designed by Nicodemus Tessin the Younger in 1684


detail of the pew canopy


St, George and the Dragon

created by Berndt Notke of Lübeck in 1489

The Legend tells of a terrible dragon that demanded human offerings
from the town of Selene as its price for not laying waste to the town.

The day the King's daughter is to be sacrificed, St. George comes riding by,
On condition that the town's heathen inhabitants convert to Christianity, he slays the dragon.


grave stone




carvings on a pew box


the facade for the organ is from 1789


This seven-branched candlestick is over 12 feet high
has been in the Cathedral for over 600 years
(German, 15th century)


representation of the Last Supper


traditional lighting


this Light Globe was created in 1972 by Toroff Engström


child's corner in the Cathedral

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Carl Milles Cathedral Harbor Old Town Vasa Ship Museum

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