Black Bears 1998

Black Bears  1999 Black Bears 1998

Photos of Black Bears

taken in Minnesota
summer 1998


bkbears.jpg (77507 bytes)


bkbears1.jpg (86626 bytes)

Black Bear near Orr, Minnesota


bkbears2.jpg (83773 bytes)


bkbears3.jpg (84168 bytes)


bkbears4.jpg (94876 bytes)


bkbears5.jpg (102160 bytes)


bkbears6.jpg (89399 bytes)

Cubs in the tree


blackbears98c.jpg (81067 bytes)

All three up the tree on mother's warning


bkbears7.jpg (78399 bytes)

going to mother


blackbears98a.jpg (80877 bytes)



blackbears98b.jpg (82962 bytes)

brown colored coat

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Black Bears  1999 Black Bears 1998

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