Bathhouse Row

Arlington Bathhouse Row Clinton National Park Service

Bathhouse Row


Superior Bathhouse



World-famous Bathhouse Row, consisting of eight turn-of-the century structures, lies within the National Park and is supervised by the Park Service. Only one of the bathhouses, The Buckstaff, remains in operation. However, another bathhouse, the Fordyce, has been converted into a museum to give tourists a glimpse into the fascinating past of the city. The federally supervised natural thermal waters are also used for thermal bathing at several downtown hotels, health spas and the Arkansas Rehabilitation Center. The water is available free for drinking at several fountains in the downtown area.

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Hale Bathhouse



Maurice Bathhouse



Quapaw Bathhouse





Ozark Bathhouse



Buckstaff Bathhouse



this bathhouse is open and operating for guests

Photos of the Fordyce Bathhouse
the National Park Service visitor center

Arlington Bathhouse Row Clinton National Park Service

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