the Grounds Interior



Library sitting area, looking toward the Main Terrace


Library sitting area fireplace



Dining area fireplace with large covered caldron


Wright on the left, Johnson on the right


Music room sitting area


Music room windows


Great Hall



Great Hall fireplace


Great Hall ceiling




desk in the Library



the dining table
(retracts into the kitchen area)


floor lamp



Library sitting area fireplace


Library desk


Main Terrace



Music sitting area fireplace




doors to the Main Terrace


Main Terrace


business chair from the Johnson Wax administrative building


rendition of the columns at the Johnson Wax administrative building


Upper Level



stairway to the Upper Level


Upper Level lounge


spiral stairway to the "Crows Nest"



view of the Upper Level


view of the dining area from the Upper Level



Master bedroom wing


view from the Master bedroom wing


view of the grounds


fireplace in the Master bedroom



the cantilevered daughter's bedroom

the Grounds Interior


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