Anne Frysinger Shifflet

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Anne Frysinger Shifflet


anne03.jpg (111449 bytes)



anne04.jpg (103236 bytes)

Galen, Anne and their dog


anne04.jpg (91193 bytes)

bathing beauty


anne02.jpg (104607 bytes)

first grade school photo


anne01.jpg (96391 bytes)


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On the farm

edanne.jpg (87041 bytes)

with Ed, the hired man


ed.jpg (102037 bytes)

Ed relaxing

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My companion


galenanne03.jpg (131311 bytes)

Galen and Anne


galenanne05.jpg (138655 bytes)

in front of our new house (before landscaping)


annegalen3.jpg (57978 bytes)

in front of house after landscaping


galenanne06.jpg (61174 bytes)

again after the landscaping


galenanne1936.jpg (12102 bytes)

Winter of 1936


galenanne1936a.jpg (11221 bytes)

snow drifts in front of house


galenannedog.jpg (12607 bytes)

in the street with their dog "Tippy"


galenanne1938.jpg (22068 bytes)

school children


galenanne01.jpg (32913 bytes)

lunch in hand for school
("Tippy" wants me to stay home)


galenanne02.jpg (109924 bytes)

1941 on our trip to California


annegalen.jpg (53724 bytes)

on the Rio Grande


annedad2.jpg (55321 bytes)

Monarch pass Colorado


annedad.jpg (49071 bytes)

snow balls in summer


annegalen2.jpg (47214 bytes)

more snow in Oregon


annedad3.jpg (55800 bytes)

Elk country


anne10.jpg (58175 bytes)

as farmer


annewedding.jpg (77733 bytes)

her wedding photo

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Galen's other sister

Faye Frysinger


annefaye01.jpg (117541 bytes)

Anne and Faye


annefaye02.jpg (92022 bytes)


annefaye03.jpg (83197 bytes)


annefaye04.jpg (76224 bytes)


annefaye06.jpg (47899 bytes)

farm swimming pools


annefaye05.jpg (51367 bytes)

back porch recreation area
(also used for cleaning the vegetables for market)


faye06.jpg (62676 bytes)

as farmer


faye05.jpg (46518 bytes)

Class of 54


fayewedding.jpg (85210 bytes)

wedding photo

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